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  • Pablo – Mini X-Ice Cold [15 mg]

  • Pablo – Dry X-Ice Cold [18 mg]

  • Pablo – Mini Red [15 mg]


Pablo Snus & Nicotine Pouches

If you want a top-quality nicotine pouch, then look no further than Pablo snus pouches. These Pablo pouches are the next-level nicotine pouches from the manufacturer N.G.P. Empire. They offer you a great range of flavours and a nicotine strength that their Killa predecessors can only dream of. Seasoned pros choose this product for its sheer intensity (the Danger Strong tag on the can might give you a hint as to how intense!). Check out the Snuzzer store now for all your nicotine pouches online needs!

What are Pablo nicotine pouches?

Full of flavour, Pablo nicotine pouches are a new addition to the tobacco-free product market. Also known as Pablo nicopods, they are up there with the strongest when it comes to their nicotine content. The Pablo range also offers users a number of exciting new tastes, as well as classic flavours with a focus on menthol in pouches like the Pablo ice cold 30mg. Pablo pouches are an ideal alternative for experienced users who are looking to stop smoking tobacco but still want that nicotine hit.

Completely tobacco-free, these all-white pouches are made from top-quality ingredients. In fact, this brand is at the forefront of great product creation, all while looking to make safer alternatives to tobacco-filled products. Available in several formats, with varying levels of nicotine, new flavours, such as this Pablo red 30mg, which has a strong mint and spearmint taste, are constantly being developed. Innovative and unafraid in design, Pablo nicotine pouches really are the crème de la crème on the market.

Why buy Pablo nicotine pouches?

From the same manufacturer, the popular Killa nicotine pouches were a warm-up for the creation of the real king, Pablo nicotine pouches. With a lower nicotine content, the Killa range was, and is, fantastic for those making the transition to tobacco-free pouches. Branching out from that successful older variant, Pablo nicotine pouches are the latest offering, and they’re perfect for those wanting a bigger hit.

Care and attention to detail have not been ignored at any point. Easy to use and with a cool and fresh design, the Pablo nicotine pouches are a nifty entry into the nicotine pouch world. “Danger strong’ says it all really. Strong flavour, strong nicotine content and an impossibly strong competitor to beat. At this point, it’s not even a fair fight.

Who manufactures Pablo nicotine pouches?

N.G.P. Empire is an experienced manufacturer, having previously created the Killa nicotine pouches that are so well-loved. Building upon their previous successes, N.G.P. Empire has created an even smoother winning formula with the Pablo nicotine pouch range. Bringing the strongest nicotine content to the European market, these Pablo nicopods are the way forward.

Flavours of Pablo nicotine pouches

Pablo nicopods are available in a wide variety of flavours, so there is sure to be one to tickle your taste buds. Dabble with a few flavours and find out just which one tops your favourites list. But be sure to include the Strawberry Cheesecake on your tasting menu whatever you do! Here are some of the current flavours:

  • Pablo Dry Ice Cold: Minty fresh with a menthol hit
  • Pablo Exclusive Mango Ice: Absolutely mango-nificent to be honest, with a refreshing menthol hit.
  • Pablo Exclusive Bubblegum: Rich yet light and sweet, bubblegum essence
  • Pablo Exclusive Strawberry-Lychee: Bursting with strong summer strawberry and tropical lychee aromas.
  • Pablo Exclusive Strawberry Cheesecake: Perfect combination of fresh strawberries and a flavourful dessert.

What more could you possibly need to know about the Pablo nicotine pouches at this stage? We think these pouches are second to none, but we have still popped some answers below to a few questions you may still have.

What are the most popular Pablo nicotine pouches?

Every Pablo nicotine pouch has its loyal fan base. The choice is yours. The feedback on these pouches has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from experienced users who enjoy the intensity of these pouches in terms of both nicotine and flavour. There is no way we can tell you which one is best, so you’ll just have to try them out and decide for yourself. Check out the range we have in stock at Snuzzer store now!

How do you use Pablo nicotine pouches?

  1. Remove a pouch from the can and place between your finger and thumb.
  2. Roll the pouch until it’s soft and pliable.
  3. Place the pouch between your gum and top lip.
  4. Make sure the pouch is just off to the side of your front teeth.
  5. Allow the pouch to naturally absorb moisture from your mouth
  6. Nicotine will be released naturally, then you’ll feel the tingle and taste the flavour.
  7. No need to bite the package and no need to spit anything out either.
  8. Retain the pouch in this position for around 5-30 minutes
  9. Remove the pouch and dispose of it responsibly

Pablo nicotine pouches and their strengths

Available in a variety of strengths, even the most dedicated user of strong nicotine products will be satisfied. These Pablo snus pouches are not for the faint-hearted! With strengths ranging from 30 mg per gram to 50 mg per gram, there really is a pouch designed for every experienced user.

How do I buy Pablo nicotine pouches

For speedy delivery to most European countries, you can buy your Pablo nicotine pouches online at the Snuzzer store. Available in cans of 20 pouches, you can also mix and match the flavours and strengths in each order.

Who are Pablo nicotine pouches designed for?

These tobacco-free, all-white pouches are designed for experienced users who don’t want to smoke tobacco. Pablo nicotine pouches really do pack a nicotine punch. Novice nicotine pouch users should only apply when they’re ready to up their game to the big leagues.

Why buy Pablo nicotine pouches online at Snuzzer

Choosing Snuzzer means you are opting for fast delivery options to most of Europe, access to an ever-expanding range of products as well as professional customer service. At Snuzzer we also offer you safe payment methods and competitive pricing. We aim to provide an easy purchasing environment for our customers, including free shipping for orders over 200 euros. Check out our full range of products and find further details on our website if you’re still wondering why you should choose Snuzzer as your go-to nicotine pouch store:

Frequently Asked Questions – Pablo nicotine pouches

Why Buy Pablo nicotine pouches online?

Online is the best location to buy Pablo nicotine pouches because all the flavours are available and online usually means the best stock availability and delivery options. Additionally, users can find the most cost-effective deals around.

How long do Pablo nicotine pouches last exactly?

On average, a Pablo nicotine pouch will last for around 30 minutes if used as directed. They are designed as a disposable product, so a new pouch will be required for each use. Each can contains 20 pouches.

Who can purchase Pablo nicotine pouches?

In line with tobacco laws, Pablo nicotine pouches can only be bought by adults over the age of 18 or 21 years old, depending on your location. The pouches are not suitable for children or for those who are pregnant.